Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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Intermittence flashes of blue light exploded in the distance in perfect harmony with the cries of terror echoing down the corridors. Fear overwhelmed him as he waited on in the room with his other companions and leader as though for their doom. Footsteps of the intruder grew unwelcomingly closer with each step augmenting the erratic pound of his heart.

Without warning, a spectacular orb of icy frostiness blasted into the room, unleashing freezing ice bolts along its path and shattering those who were struck by them. Then, just as instantaneous as it appeared, the orb burst into a magnificent explosion of ice bolts, spiraling outwards and piercing everyone in the room.

A peculiar coldness crept into his veins from the wound; he could feel his blood freezing up as the coldness overwhelmed them, slowly but surely to a point where he can no longer feel his body. He looked up to see his attacker as life gradually drained away from him, the sorceress was already gone.


Yes, Currytan is back with Diablo2 LOD (again), and he is trying out the frozen orb/fire ball sorceress this time. Currently at level 69 in Nightmare Act 5, struggling to get past these creatures in the frozen river so as to complete a quest..

I kept dying to these creatures in nightmare act 5.. they come in large group and my fireball is just not at its prime yet..

Special thanks to Pandy for providing me with the Peasant Crown and the Oculus.



More screenshots:

An example of the frozen orb. Enemies usually felt my icy presence before seeing me.

Frozen orb with fireball combination

Heads on collision of Diablo's red lightning hose and my frozen orb! Which is stronger?

What do you think is the above bosses' favourite color?
BLUE! Freezing blue!

Anyone share my worries?

immune == fire)
Frozen orb = 1;

immune == cold)
Fireball = 1;

if (
immune == fire && immune == cold)
No Go! Run!

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chillycraps said...

looks like i'm not the only one replaying old games....

but guess no one can beat my vintage DOS games... =P

Kraz {Maxfreak.com} said...

Someone still play Diablo II? I don't believe my eyes ... but then again, my Diablo II site shows some pretty heavy traffic, so what do I know.

Happy playing!

Kraz of the Diablo Watch