Thursday, May 18, 2006

Champions League final

Barcelona 2 - 1 Arsenal

This morning's finals saw a determined Arsenal hanging on with a 10-men team after the goal keeper was send off early in the game. Lehmann rushed out into an approaching striker and tripped him off the ground with his hands to prevent an impending goal. A red card was shown to his face instead, leaving the gunners down to 10 men with their confidence greatly affected. Yet, their morale was quickly restored by the 37th minute where Campbell heads the ball into the Spanish net from a well delivered free kick from Henry.

The reserved keeper, Almunia, did well in making several reflex saves throughout the game. This together with Arsenal's great defense and perseverance, was able to see Arsenal in the lead till the 76th minute where a joyous supporting crowd turned into moments of fear & worries, and eventually into cries of despairs 4 minutes later where Eto'o and Belletti of Barcelona scored respectively.

In all, I am of the opinion that Arsenal did a great job in hanging there with 10 men and leading for almost 40 minutes. If not for the early keeper sent off, the situation would probably be completely different altogether. Then again, I felt that the referee was somewhat hasher on Arsenal, or is it just me..? Yes I was hoping for an English victory.

So there, one of the most exciting matches I've watched. Now I am looking forward to some world cup actions.


Don_Jerome said...

Yea...i was hoping for an Arsenal win too...haha...but they were lucky to get the first goal. Eboue dived for the free kick, he might have gotten a second yellow instead. but when Barcelona scored the first goal, they became irressitible, their soccer till the second was a joy to behold.

ZenEkz said...

Barcelona all the way!! Hehe! I lookin for a SPanish win. Spain bring hme the Uefa Cup and the Champions league. Will they do a treble by winning the world cup?? Ooooo...At least England dun hav the chance to do a treble. Yeah!! I cant even see them progressing far in the world cup. England SUCKS!!! Hehe!

-fir- said...

sighh damn sad arsenal lost sia...... stayed up so late to watch... den loose... wahhh... heartpain man!!

Currytan said...

Haha at least its a great achivement for the gunners already. Being able to score 1 goal and almost held out the lead till the end with a 10-men is not easy at all. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

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