Sunday, April 02, 2006

Of changing faculty

It seems like there’s an inclination for people to think of changing faculty lately. Shall not point fingers but up to five people I know of are either thinking of changing faculty or leaving. I was really curious, so I asked some of them what exactly was it that causes them to have such thoughts. The main reason: Stress.

Stress is really to me just an excuse; its merely not facing up to reality that life in itself is relentlessly stressful. Ok, modules that are causing these stress are mainly from PC1432 (physics) and MA1506 (math) which, as I mentioned in my previous entry, are equivalent to 2 – 3 intro modules at science. A bit of background info to understand why this problem prevails: According to our physics tutor, engine fac has to pay science fac for the lecturers to come over to conduct a module. Hence, due to budget constraints and all, both engine sciences modules are condensed into 2 modules each, one for each semester. As such, the topics covered are not just very extensive, but also the module is very rush so as to accommodate all the topics in 3 months. Even the tutor himself thinks that “engine is trying to kill us”.

So that was the reason for leaving engine fac for some of them. Yes admittedly, these modules are tough; however I doubt that we can judge the engine course with just these two yr1 modules. I do not believe that upper year’s modules are going to be so cramped and wide-ranging as our physics and math module right now. They will be more specialized. Think, for example, EE2011 Engineering Electromagnetics, one entire semester to do what we have done in like say perhaps 2 weeks in PC1432 and more in depth. And let’s not talk about yr2 modules yet, let’s just look at the yr1 modules by our own fac. Think EG1108 Electrical Engineering and EG1109 Statics and Mechanics of Materials, most people will agree with me that these modules by engine faculty are reasonably manageable. Some of the group A friends I spoke to generally found Statics not as demanding as the physics module. So, my point is that, it’s the engineering sciences from the science fac that are killing us, not the engine modules. Moreover, again according to our physics tutor, the physics modules might be made opinional next semester onwards, further proving the point that PC1431/2 are not really necessary and are not reflective of the engine course.

Well, in the end it’s still going to be their choice, but I just hope that what I have said shred some light and hopefully they can make a wiser choice. Think about why in the first place you choose an engineering course. Think about what was your objective in choosing engineering over others. What were your dreams and why have they changed?

That’s the key motivation for me, persisting here in engine and not taking the easy way out. And it would be comforting to know that there are friends here willing to hang in there with me, fighting this tough battle with me, all the way, towards our goal. Therefore, it was rather depressing to know that some were thinking of leaving. I do believe that it’s the gems that will be left behind and I will certainly treasure those.

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