Thursday, March 30, 2006

Of Random stuff

It has been very stressful of late, mostly due to the nearing examinations date and the stacks of have-yet-to-complete-stuff piling up at my desk.. So i decided to clear some of it by doing some maths today, finishing up tutorials and webcasting. Yet, by evening, i lost all the momentum and had the SOS sympton and began a night long chat via the MSN (Read: Addiction plus Distraction).. and surfing around..

As much as we tried very hard to reject the idea that zg invariably grumbled to us about how hard life is, we have by now realised that there is some truth in his words, well only to a certain extend, restricting only to this semester, or so i hope. This semester has been a very hectic one, with the main time sucker to be our ctw projects. Well, thats not all, physics in particular, recieved one of the most complains among my friends and classmates. A whopping 20+ chapters from serway in 35 lectures within 3 months, covering a huge variety of topics ranging from electricity/magetism to electromagnetism to waves/EM waves to quantum/modern physics. Furthermore, this crazy "intro" module is equivalent to 2-3 of the intro modules over at science. Every lecture was a rush and we were left with no time to absorb all the concepts and thus having to rush into another without fully understanding the previous.

Moreover, more and more people are thinking of changing faculty, further proving the point that life is hard in here. So yes, ZG is right after all. So i shall dedicate the following picture to him:

Found these while surfing around:


Very very painful rain..

Dun anyhow kick my balls hor!

Prolly with an attitude wor

And we will gladly cause more inconvenience upon request!

Rubbish very poor thing wor.

From Thats life:

Some videos:

Funny cats

Funny Goals


cheahchuwen said...

yeah, and if they leave, chances are that they are the "not-so-good" ones, which means that the better ones are left behind. which means disaster for those who prevail.

and anyway ctw proj isn't the biggest time consumer. wait till u try gems/sartor with projs. its worse i tell you. its like, like, an INCREDIBLE SULK. incredible sourish smell too.

and... physics... its still my best hope this sem. My highest grade from it i GUESS.

Currytan said...

Ha, dun worry, we will have at least 115 (100 into ee and 15 into cpe) more joining our department from common next sem. =)

And i think my best hope for the sem is cs1102c..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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