Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine’s Day

A recent article in E-mag, the official magazine for the engineering club, presented several ways on how a single can spend his/her valentine’s day. Of all the 10 tips mentioned, I am most agreeable on the point on “making someone happy” and as I mentioned to some of my friends reading the article with me, I shall do that on Valentine’s Day. However, when my friend asked me early this morning on what I have done to brighten up someone’s life, I was stunned, as I did not even realize today was V-day and treated today like any other normal day, well which I ought to, considering there’s nothing for me to celebrate about. Or is it?

This special day is the celebration of love, not limiting only to boy-girl relationships type of romantic love or committed love but also extended to family love, friendships and even loves for all fellow human beings in general.

Here are 10 things which I did on this special occasion:

1) Wishing all the people that matters to me most a very happy valentine’s day.

- (OAC adventurers): Liu Ting, Xiao Yun, Menghui, Nguan Teck, Kent, Jun An, Wei wen.

- (3rd Guards warriors): Yi Cai, Jian Cheng, Jing Xi, Chang Tai, Wei heng, Tim, Jevon, Eng kiat, Kang Rui, Jian Yu and more.

- (NUS mugineers): Chu Wen, Zhi Guo aka NinjaZG aka The Wuss, Jeremy, Mitch, Christopher, Yew Jack, etc.

- (NY 01s2a fighters): Jia Hao, Druce, Chin Wei, Tnt, Danny.

Happy Valentine’s to all of you and cheers to our friendships!

2) Watching other couples cuddling together so intimately, flowers & gifts everywhere, couples holding hands everywhere, and what have you, while at the back of my mind trying very hard to convince myself the advantages of singlehood. (read further below on msn chat, point number 8)

3)Queue up with my classmates to collect this free bottle from the engine club welfare giveaway thingy. Queue was long so we chatted and had fun; talking about anything else other than the mundane and stressful school life.

4) Make someone happy: Helped an elderly couple figured out and get to their destination as they could not understand English. They were so grateful and kept thanking me as they were rather lost before my help. On seeing that, it actually brightens up my day. It’s indeed really true that one will feel happy at the though that someone is happy because of you.

5) Make someone happy: Helped my dad to settle our long overdue electrical and telephone bills, amounting to around 200 bucks.

6) Make someone happy: Treated my mom to some chocolates and telling her that I love her.

7) Make time and have dinner with my family and chatted with them longer than I would have usually done, asking them how was their day, work/school, and stuff like that.

8) Chat with a friend (read: another lonely heart) over the msn. Initially the conversation circled around the topic of how to get out of this single status. This eventually turned into a session on convincing each other on the benefits of being single. Well, of course the main advantage which we both agreed on would be freedom and that singles will have more time for themselves, no need to put up with unreasonable expectations of partners and the likes. Ok... these are what dumb singles like us do on v-day when there is no dates to speak of, lurking around the chat room in search of lonely souls like ourselves...

9) Mug. What do you expect? Term test is coming up in just a couple of days and I am still rather unsure about certain concepts in physics and economics. Being a typical mugineer, my day after school became a passionate rush for knowledge on how the electrical and magnetic field relates to the charge acting on it and be enormously inspired by the amazing equation created by Ampere & Maxwell, even a song was written to honor their discoveries wor.

10) Blogging. I think I am so fucked. Term test is just a couple of days away and I still can afford to waste time to blog and surf around. What to do? Undoubtedly, life is hard, but there should always be a time to relax and do things that I really wana do, although this time variable will very very soon decrease exponentially, becoming asymptotic to time = 0 and eventually reaches zero nearer to the final's.


Nakazawa said...

I feel so loved... lol...

VJC (in my time) celebrates 14 Feb as Friendship day.

From the beginning of the year, a yr 2 senior will write a note to a yr 1 junior in the form of a secret identity. The same goes for a yr 1 junior to another yr 2 senior.

On friendship day, the secret writer would reveal himself/herself, and present a friendship gift.

It's quite saddening that v-day is not viewed as a day for friendship outside the JC context. Even fellow (male) friends from VJC are adverse to the idea of celebrating friendship day after leaving JC.

Currytan said...

Aiya, actually some guy from vjc whom i spoke to ytd exclaimed his displeasure when i said happy v-day to him and acusing me of being gay...so much for your friendship day culture huh?

Don said...

ohoh...i hope tt wasnt me.....:)
apologises if u were offended. meant it as a joke. but im not from vjc....so maybe not.

Currytan said...

Oh nono its not u, it was another friend. Well i wasnt offended though.

NinjaLZG said...

Ha! Darn farnie lar! HAHAHAHAHA! SO SUPERBLY FARNIE! "accused ... of being gay"(Tan, 2006)... u shld see me cringing as i laugh now man... and... wuss?!?!?! speaking of which, i think im gg to kill mitch... heh. he better be warned...

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