Saturday, December 03, 2005


Loneliness. The state of being without friends, characterize by solitude. Forsaken, isolated and being left behind. No one to turn to in times of obscurity. No one to crack jokes with. No one to hang out with. No one there to listen to your woes after an awful day. No one there to console you after a disastrous day. Alone, fighting the battle on your own.

I would not say I have truly experienced loneliness as I have a bunch of great friends who were always there for me. Some were always there when I needed company. Some are my usual hang out buddies, be it going for movies, camping or simply having a meal together. Some were always there when I needed help in school work. Some are great listener, willing to endure my craps. Some were always there to cheer me up after a terrible day. Some were always there to give me advice. Some were just always there for me. I must say that I am truly thankful for these friends, especially so when I read a recent post by one of my friends, Jevon, who described the loneliness of being a student in Paris.

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Jevon, I cannot say I truly understand how you feel as I was never in your shoes, being so far away from the familiarity of home and from the numerous friendships, trying to integrate well into a different culture and language, probably feeling unwanted and alienated in the society in which one have yet be able to assimilate into. However, what I can do for you is to show that I care and that I am sure that a lot of your friends care too, judging from the responds from your tag board. You can be sure that, yes you may be alone, yet never lonely, there are people around who are willingly to be there for you, probably not physically, but definitely psychologically, always giving you our unyielding support and care. Hang in there, my friend.


Jevon said...

thank you so much junhong. thats very heartening =)

Anonymous said...

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