Wednesday, November 09, 2005

This is what happens when...

... you do too much programming on sunfire or the SSH client:

  • Try to save the document by pressing Esc :w instead of Ctlr-s;
  • Think you can delete the entire line in a word document by pressing dd;
  • Try to copy something by pressing yy;
  • Ignore your mouse and use the arrow keys to maneuver your pointer to the desire position in the document;
  • When typing the word print, you will unknowingly add a f behind because you are so used to it as you type lots of printf statement in programming;
  • When you type the word if, while or for, you will tend to add an opening bracket behind it...then wonder what conditions to assign…;
  • When you finish typing a document, you automatically press alt-tab and expect to see the complier so that you can compile your work…;
  • And I actually type a semicolon after every statement...;
All of the above except the printf one actually happened to me last night while typing a sociology essay on my labtop, after a day of programming on sunfire.

Anyway, no comments on the practial exam, just glad that its over le, whats more important now is to concentrate on the finals!


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